Let me tell you a short story about how bad speed and strength conditioning ultimately caused me to build the best sports training facility in the country

~Hi! I'm David Lawrence and I'm from right here in the great state of Michigan. Michigan is where I grew up, went to school, and started my business.  
-Like you, I was an athlete in High school. I played Football, Basketball, and ran Track. My Dad (Hall of Fame High school Coach David Lawrence Sr.) was the varsity Football coach at my school. I was raised on sports and being an athlete and I loved nothing more than being out there on field or court and competing. Being an Athlete was the best part about school. I played well enough to get invited to the Michigan high school all star game my senior year. I had a couple scholarship offers at the D2 level but I wanted to compete at the D1 level so I decided to try out for CMU. With a great try out and a lot of preparation, I walked on to the team and had earned my shot! The strength coach we had really helped me take my game to the next level. I was consistently getting stronger and faster and that directly translated to the field where I had earned some playing time.

~I played with some AMAZING players and many that are still playing in the NFL today. Some of them are Super Bowl winners like Eric Fisher and Frank Zombo of the Kansas City Chiefs and Antonio Brown of the Tampa Bay Bucs. I even played with JJ Watt as he was a Chippewa before he ended up being a Badger. Others are Pro Bowlers like Nick Bellore of the Seattle Seahawks. In total, we had 18 people go pro off of that team. We won the MAC championship my Sophomore year, in-fact I had intercepted their QB to help seal the game(see pic on the right where I got tackled after the INT)! Things were looking great! It was looking like I was going to have a real shot at playing at the next level.

~That much success, however, gets attention of bigger schools and Notre Dame came calling for our Head Coach, Brian Kelly. When Brian Kelly went to go coach Notre Dame his speed and strength Coach went with him. With the new speed and strength coach came a whole different approach and unfortunately for me and my career, it wasn't a good one. The diet made me put on bad weight, my 40 yard dash and my vertical both got worse, my joints and body were having more aches and pains, and the worst part is I sustained my first non-contact injury (all non-contact injuries are from bad program design for training).  

~I was devastated when I knew that I wasn't going to reach my goal of getting to the next level. When you give your all to something and come up short, that's not something you get over easily. Through my injury, I wanted to comeback stronger than ever. Since I couldn't trust the training I was receiving, I decided to do my own research. I wanted to know who was the absolute best at speed and strength training and I wanted to learn from them. (Continued on to next page👇👇)

  Ready for the Allstar game!

Getting tackled after my INT in the MAC Championship!


Antonio Brown

Brian Kelly

Eric Fisher

Despite all my experience and results with clients, no one would hire me!!😩😕

My teammate, Nick Bellore(Seattle Seahawks), told me about a strength coach named Charles Poliquin that he had been studying. After my career was over, I decided to read Charles book "Modern Trends in Strength training" and it blew my mind. So I read it again and again. After reading the book for the 3rd time, I saw that there was a job opening at one of Charles training facilities in Chicago. I got my resume ready and submitted it at 1am, I was so excited! They emailed me back like 5 hours later. I drove out to Chicago for the interview. Didn't hear back for 4 months. Then one day out of the blue, I got a call and they wanted another interview. After this interview, I got the job!!! I interviewed on a Thursday evening and moved from Mt. Pleasant MI to Chicago and started that following Monday.  

I spent 2 1/2 years there training both everyday people (General population) and professional athletes. I was working over 80 hours a week with many of them having 60 plus training hours in those weeks. I was gaining so much experience in such a short amount of time.  

-After my time in the Poliquin center, I decided to move back home to Michigan for the birth of my first child with my wife Alison.  

-Despite all the experience I had and the results I had gotten with clients, no one would hire me! I was actually forced to start my own business. I named it MECA (Michigan Elite Conditioning for Athletes).  

I was getting good results but knew I could do even better and Charles Poliquin was the guy to help me. I started consulting with Charles and that took my training to the next level. 

~Charles has trained and produced more Olympians (800+), across 23 different events, more world record holders, professional athletes in NFL, NHL, NBA, & Soccer, and got better results than anyone else I'd ever seen before. 

~I had my first consult with Charles and what a difference that made! I immediately saw a difference in the results my clients were getting and new was where I needed to focus my time efforts and energy. Charles also had an entire chapter dedicated to him in Tim Ferris' best selling book "Tools of Titans". On the right is an interview of Charles from the series "Real London" that you watch just so you can understand just who Charles was and why I chose him to learn from.👉👉👉👉

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Nick Bellore

The assessment is the most valuable tool in my arsenal!!

~Over the years, I worked tirelessly at perfecting my craft and learning from Charles.  I would end up investing over $100,000 in consulting alone with Charles.  The best thing I learned from him was the assessment.  Charles was the originator of the assessment and he taught me everything there is to know about it.  I can trace all the success I've had back to the assessment.  

~The assessment would identify all of the weaknesses that each athlete had in the body.  Without this, you're sure to plateau in your training or get injured.  Not addressing  structural imbalances in the body causes the body to compensate and can block neurological pathways shutting down access to some muscle groups and while raising risk of injury to others.  

~On the contrary, being balanced means a whole "new you" out there on the field, court, or rink.  Our Athletes get these problems addressed.  Athlete's tell us that they feel like a completely different player out there.  More explosive, more confidence in their movements, No/Less pain, more endurance...all because the assessment tells us where to focus.

~The assessment identifies these weaknesses through a series of different tests. They show up in your bodies movement pattern, specific movement tests, your body's overall flexibility, your relative strength compared to  norms, and how your body responds to certain stimulus. 

BAD: Can't control legs no full range of montion

GOOD: able to control legs as he goes though full range of montion 

A couple of local Athletes that had MONSTER seasons after addressing imbalances and getting strong.             👇👇👇👇

~When your body is balanced AND you have proper training, your body and speed will change dramatically!  Take Colby Newburgh for example.  

~We increased his force production (gained 31lbs of functional muscle), dropped his body fat%, addressed his imbalances and we went on to gain 4 tenths of a second in his 40 yard dash going from a 4.9 to a 4.5!!  Check his amazing highlights HERE

~ As a result Colby went on to post 1600 yards passing, 1400yards rushing, & 38 total touchdowns! He was All KLAA, Detroit News 1st team All State. Michigan HS coaches association 1st team All State. Livingston County Offensive player of year. 1st team QB for Livingston County all decade team. Most TD passes for the decade in all Livingston County. Only Livingston County team to play in finals. Colby had 2nd highest offensive total yards in a Division 1 state finals game in history. Colby also earned  multiple scholarship offers

~Cam Ryan was coming off his junior year where he finished with below 1,000 yards rushing and suffered an ACL tear.  After identifying Cam's weaknesses, we got to work on them.  

~After a successful training over the summer (see photo on the side) Cam fixed his flexibility and Structural imbalances and put on slabs of muscle.  

He gained: 1   break-away speed that you can see for yourself HERE , 2 Ability to overcome inertia (change directions) and 3 the durability to complete the entire season and rush for an astonishing 2,000yds his senior year! 

~Leading your team to the state championship is on every Athlete's goal list.  Reaching your full potential physically makes that more possible than anything else!!

~Pretty incredible stories right? These are just a couple out of 100s of success stories for Athletes that train with us at all levels.  

If you're serious about your goals, then getting your assessment is a "no brainer" for you: 

What you get:

🏥Injury screening ($149 value)

🤏Body fat% test ($99 value)

🥩Dietary recall & Consult ($99 value)

🏋️‍♀️Test strength norms ($79 value)

😅Flexibility test for joints & extremities ($79 value)

😎Review of structural imbalances ($179 value)

💊Access to NSF pharmaceutical grade supplements ($97 

🚫$781.00 VALUE🚫


Spots are limited since these are by appt only and we only do 1 on 1 training so get your spot today!! (50 first people, this month only)

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  • ​Body Fat % Test __________________ (Value $99)
  • ​Dietary Recall & Consult ________ (Value $197)
  • ​Flexibility Test_____________________(Value $79)
  • ​Access to NSF Supps______________(Value $97)
  • ​Test Strength Norms_____________(Value $79)
  • ​Review Structural Imbalances_ (Value $149)
Total Value: $781
This month Just $79!!!!!!

ONE TIME OFFER - Only $10: Proper recoevery means more gains and progress for you. Choosing active recovery over just plain rest physically speeds up the recovery process. Recovery is a hidden and big factor in your body's ability to grow and make gains. Stay training longer and avoid injury with this guide!

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